Here are some quick tips to get started in desert racing. We will assume you realize a “STOCK UTV” will not last the test of most desert racing courses so knowing you need to improve your UTV’s safety and suspension abilities is what we all can agree is a must to even think about entering into a desert race.

First things first, desert racing is a group effort to obtain success. If you think you are going to go out and race in the desert with just yourself or your best friend be prepared to be frustrated and overwhelmed. Desert Racing is all about preparation, communication, and spreading the heavy workload over many people. What do we mean by preparation? The first thing that comes to mind is Pre Run the course if it is allowed in your particular racing series. Getting familiar with the terrain and hazards that may be in your way during the race is vital to obtaining success. Using GPS systems like LeadNav or Lowrance will allow you to mark hazards on the course and allow your driver and or co-driver to have the tools needed to avoid costly run ins with hazards on the course.

Once you have your terrain identified you next want to see what your pit options are. Some desert races are multiple loops with one main pit area and usually 1 or two remote pit areas. Get a game plan together on your avg fuel mileage and plan out when you will need to stop for fuel. Hazards like tire failure and or a suspension component failure are not as easy to strategically plan for so have your vehicle stocked with a back up part of your major suspension components i.e. axles, radius rods and or tie rods as well as caring a spare tire and high lift tire jack. Desert Racing is intense, fast paced and requires the ability to stay calm when things do not go the way you have planned/prepared for. The more your race the more you will work out any kinks in your program and the more fun you will have in your racing experiences.

No Limit RD offers many in house custom built race ready products to outfit your UTV for desert racing as well as many 3rd party accessories like the above mentioned GPS systems, Radio/Intercom systems, wheels and tires, HD Axles and more. Call the shop today to discuss your driving needs with one of our techs 916 824 2600 or email us #LIVNOLIMIT #NEVERLIFT