by Aug 9, 2017

Simply put.  We build Indestructible parts!

We offer decades of off road racing experience starting in the early 1980’s with the creation of the original “UTV” which was called the Phantom. This was a custom Chenoweth Tube Frame Chassis powered by a 525cc Ski-Doo Snowmobile motor and Polaris Clutches as was a class 44 champion for years. We have continued to stay ahead of the competition and now bring our forward thinking and creativity to modern day Side By Sides consistently pushing our components to the next level. We have 3000sqft dedicated strictly to our fabrication staff creating everything from custom tube frame chassis to custom interior panels. We also offer an additional 3000sqft where we conduct final assembly and install all of our accessories such as light bars, fresh air pumps, GPS units, winches and more. This allows for a streamline process keeping our projects moving forward and timely.

Design Fits Function.

With decades of off road racing experience combined with master fabrication skills, we have come together to create No Limit Manufacturing. Inspired to create the very best off road experience for our customers we create custom parts and accessories for Side By Side vehicles. Our parts are tested on the track and have proven to be winning components with multiple series championships already achieved with No Limit Racing Driver/Owner Phil Blurton. As the VORRA Champion and Nor Cal Rock Racing Champion we look to take the Best In the Desert Championship with the addition of 3 new desert cars. Our 3 short course cars will continue their short course dominance in 2017. We know what it takes to build high quality, race ready parts and now have made them available to the public for use on their own vehicles. We pride ourselves on our handcrafted products and hands on technical support for our customers. Discover what you and your car can achieve and Live No Limit!