Suspension entails a lot of different components. Common terms used are A-Arms or Control Arms, Trailing Arms, Shocks and Sway Bars. Those are all definitely suspension components but with UTV’s there are a few more unique parts that you will want to know about upgrading to avoid costly repairs from failure of your OEM parts.   Most UTV brands also have suspension components like Radius Rods and Radius Rod Plates and well as Sway Bar Links. No Limit RD offers race ready upgraded parts to improve your driving experience and avoid the domino effect that occurs with OEM Part failures. We have countless customer stories of radius rod failures that ended up taking out rear axles and even damaging the clutch housing and transmission portion of the vehicle. Our Radius Rod Plates are all Dual Sheer designed to more than double the strength over your OEM single sheer radius rod plate. Our Radius Rods are custom designed out of solid 6061 Air Craft Aluminum rods which gives them the ability to flex and rebound back straight over most impacts that would permanently bend a steal radius rod. Our High Clearance Front A-Arms also increase the strength of your front suspension as well as give you more ground clearance to avoid major front suspension impact on ground level obstacles.  At No Limit RD we find the weak links in the OEM suspensions and make custom parts to replace and improve your UTV’s capabilities. Call our shop 916 824 2600 or email for more information on our race ready parts.

RzR High Clearance A-Arms and Front Bumper with Sway Bar

CanAm X3 Sway Bar Link

RzR XP Radius Rod Rods and Dual Sheer Plate

Trailing Arm Gusset added to RzR XP OEM Trailing Arm