No Limit RD offers a full line of custom cages and suspension products for most major UTV brands. Pictured above is one of our Polaris XP4 Wrap Cages. Our “Wrap” cages incorporate a rear bumper into the design of the cage giving superior protection over the bed area and into the rear end of the vehicle. The cage above also has our Radius Style Roof line and can also be built is a Flat Top Roof style. Also shown on this cage is our 40in light bar mounts (50in on the CanAm X3) so you can securely mount extra lighting for night driving. We are here to help with your unique situations. We have built cages for drivers that are 6’8″ and allowed for the cage to still have the great style and look that No Limit RD likes to bring to all our products while still keeping the impact zone a safe distance from the passengers inside the vehicle. The very first improvement you should consider on your UTV is your Cage. We can offer you guidance on what style of cage will best suit your driving style to allow you to get the most out of your UTV with No Limit RD! Call the shop today to get your questions answered and get your custom cage build started 916 824 2600.